Office Consultation

Guru Virender Shukla lays great emphasis on the purpose – be it an activity, conversation, or Space/ building. According to him, each and every Space is built with a definite purpose like, purpose of School is to impart education; purpose of a Hospital is to provide Healing, care, and Health; purpose of Home is to give an excellent life.

Likewise when people, influenced with his work at their homes, approached him to improve working and output of their offices, he first of all checked what was the purpose of that office space and why it was not being fulfilled. Why there were commitment failures; why the staff was not supportive; why there were breakdown of system at crucial moments; why they lacked fame/ goodwill; why they were unable to progress. With this habit of getting to the root cause of anything coupled with the habit of ‘perceiving the world as it is’, he had become well aware of the sequence in which an event takes place in nature.  

Once that sequence was decoded, he knew, how to set right poor performing offices on the path of growth, output, and success. This was the basic mantra on which he designed offices for Business Houses, IT Companies, Architects, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Politicians, Builders, Management-Consultants.

Our Consulting Stages

We follows a organised method to diagnose the main area of life. We balance 16 Directions and 5 Elements in your building. An experienced Vastu Consultant devises a customized solution which generally includes correcting entrance, treating activities, rooms and toilets, relocating objects, creating energy fields of Vastu Purush Mandal and controlling planetary effects.

  • Listening to the client:   We first take the details of all the family members, desires & goals in personal and professional life and the obstacles in achieving them
  • Site Visit:  We visits your residence  & notes down all the crucial details about the surroundings e.g. nearby park, hospital, temple, roads etc.
  • Vastu Report:  Vastu provides a report with the detailed analysis of the residence and list of activites we will perform for Vastu correction.
  • Vastu Corrections: We correct your space with Vastu remedies for your desired goals e.g for professional growth, increase in income, better returns from savings and investments, relationships, education of children, healthy life, selling or purchase of property, for overall well-being, growth and prosperity.
  • Energy Mapping: As part of advanced Vastu solution, we do energy mapping of your residence for enhancing quality of life, ensuring flow of positive energy.
  • Astro Mapping: Based on your Birth details, we provide you Astro Vastu remedies to remove the negative effect of planets and enhance the positive results.

The Solutions we provide

Consfused Vision

Payment issues

Loyality failure

Very high expencience 

Lack of  unity 

Bad decisions


Fund issues

Lack of skills

New customers not coming

Lack of confidence

I.T. problems

Stressed mood

No Opportunities

Marketing/Sales issues

Not getting Good people

Recognisation issues

Profibility problem



Depending upon our scope of services, we will quote the consulting charges before commencement of the project.