Your birth chart (janma kundali) charts tell about your character

The natal chart/birth chart is calculated for the exact hour and minute of your birth. It has written by expert professional based on mathematical calculation of the aspects formed between your natal sun and the planet moving overhead and they give a far degree of accuracy.

Birth chart(janma kundali) is the data of the exact position of all the planets in the universe at the time of your birth, created by accurate mathematical calculation apart from the sun and moon there are eight planets all are influence your life by their distance from each other by degree also their exact location. The aspects formed between the planets and the luminaries at your birth can modify their position in the signs. But the most important consideration is your ascendant (is the zodiacal sign and degree that was rising on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of an event.) and its exact degree. Your ascendant greatly modifies the personal appearance and it forms your true inner nature, up on the motivations of your sun sign are based. The two most important positions in any birth chart, after the sun sign, are the ascendant and the moon sign.

Our Consulting Stages

We follows a organised method to diagnose the main area of life. 

  • Listening to the client:   We first take the details of all the family members, desires & goals in personal and professional life and the obstacles in achieving them
  • Kundali Report:  Kundali provides a report with the detailed analysis of the residence and list of activites we will perform to correct our Kundali.
  • Kundali Corrections: We give remedies for your desired goals e.g for professional growth, increase in income, better returns from savings and investments, relationships, education of children, healthy life, selling or purchase of property, for overall well-being, growth and prosperity.
  • Astro Mapping: Based on your Birth details, we provide you Astro  remedies to remove the negative effect of planets and enhance the positive results.

The Solutions we provide

No Joy and relaxation of mind

No Smooth flow of Money

Children Skills/Education 

Consfused Vision

Payment issues

Have everything but still not happy

Not enough strength & power

less/No saving

Loss of sexual desire

Relationship/Skills development

Career growth problems

Having Ego problem

Depressed mind

No new opportunities/growth

Stressed environment

Lack of Understanding Harmony

Theft/Any Insecurity

No fertility/Child birth issues

Problems of Sleeping

Married/Marraige Issues

Depending upon our scope of services, we will quote the consulting charges before commencement of the project.

Note : Many of our consulting services are free of cost, especially related to concerns like Health, Relationship matters, children education. You just need to have to-the-scale home plan and we would mark our suggestions free of cost.