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Guru Virender Shukla

Red Book Astrologer & Vastu Consultant

Guru Virender Shukla

Virender Shukla, a globally renowned Red Book Astrologer and Vastu Consultant, he has being practicing more than fifteen years in the field of Vastu and Astrology. He mastered the art of providing effective solutions to the problems in all these years with honesty and straight forwardness. Hence, helped many in their business growth, job stability, promotions, marriage issues, divorce cases, court cases related hurdles, financial growth and many more. You can consult him for Vastu treatment for domestic and industrial area with step by step process. In his views, the Janm Kundali ( Horoscope ) is constructed based on the mirror image of our past deeds. But Karma plays a vital role which can control our future contentment and endurance, And with the help of Vastu Shastra & Astrological guidance, one can have a clear vision about life which helps in taking the right decisions at the right time to overcome from sufferings and attaining self growth.

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Shani ke upay I कैसे पाएँ शनि का फल अच्छा

Shani ke upay I कैसे पाएँ शनि का फल अच्छा

शनि देव ही एक ऐसे ग्रह हैं जो खराब होकर भी बैठे हों फिर जातक को अच्छा सुख जीवन में जरूर देते हैं, और यदि जन्म कुंडली में अच्छे हों उच्च हों, फिर भी खराब परिणाम इतना दे देते हैं कि जातक को बहुत परेशान कर देते हैं। यही शनि देव जातक को मंत्री भी बनाते हैं, जज़ भी बनाते...

Ketu ke upay I केतु ग्रह शांति, मंत्र एवं उपाय

Ketu ke upay I केतु ग्रह शांति, मंत्र एवं उपाय

शनि देव के दो एजेंट हैं पहला है राहू और दूसरा है केतू, अब यदि आपकी कुंडली में केतू देव खराब हैं तो उसका कारण स्वयं शनि देव हैं आपका स्वभाव जितना ज्यादा कठोर, स्वार्थी, और कड़वी बातें बोलने वाला होगा आपका केतू उतना ज्यादा ही खराब होकर आपको जीवन में सबसे पहले तो सभी...

Chandrama ke Upay :- चंद्र ग्रह शांति, मंत्र एवं उपाय

Chandrama ke Upay :- चंद्र ग्रह शांति, मंत्र एवं उपाय

चन्द्रमा का नाम लेते ही मन में चंद्र देव की शीतलता याद आ जाती है, ऐसे ही जन्म कुंडली में जब चन्द्र देव अच्छे होते हैं तो जातक को अपनी माँ, नानी, दादी का सुख तो अच्छा मिलता ही है बल्कि इनसे प्रॉपर्टी, पैसा, उपहार धन आदि खूब भर भरकर मिलते हैं, जिस जातक के परिवार में...

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Feedback from our Clients


I have been connected to Guru ji since 2009, He is such an honest person who guides us clearly about everything. He makes accurate predictions with effective remedies. Whatever I have achieved in my life is because of him. I am so grateful and lucky to have him in my life.


Astrology for me is a reality as its based on scientific logic, he made me realized with his tremendous knowledge. Whenever I face any challenges in my life I came to him. Guru ji’s Lal Kitab remedies works like magic !!


 I am a follower of guru ji since last 7-8 years, I have gone through many ups & downs in life mainly financially and legally. With Guru ji’s support, I have recovered all of it very successfully. His predictions are 100% accurate and vastu remedy works within 24 hours. Highly recommendable astrologer to all.


When guru ji gives prediction it actually gives goosebumps as if he’s being watching us through CCTV camera !! He is that much expert in his knowledge. Whenever I face any kind of problem I go straight away to him. We are truly blessed. He is the best astrologer.


Me and my wife was struggling to maintain our marital life in initial years and Guru ji actually saved our relationship with his counseling and astrological remedies. Now I have two kids and we are very happy together !!


My younger brother suffered from a huge loss in business, Guru ji guided him to do business in the right field according to his horoscope. Now, he is running the business very successfully. All thanks to Guru ji. He is the best astrologer.


I Know guruji for a very long time and due to some issues in my personal life & business I have decided to take Consultation from him & the Remedies are so effective and gave me tremendous results.

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