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Pt. Virender Shukla

A Delhi based, Red Book Astrologer & Vaastu Consultant

My spiritual journey began early in the years of my teenage. I started working at a very young age because of family issues. My first and the only job was with a Great Astrological Guru. He introduced me to the real world of astrology, where I came to know that astrology is a science, not a superstition. Then gradually, I developed natural interest in astrological readings and Vaastu as well. After years of being in this field,I began practicing the science of Astrology and Vaastu professionally. I have done programs on TV Channels such as Disha TV and Delhi Darshan 24.

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kundali readings

Kundali Readings Astrology is a science not a superstition. When you are confused about...

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Vaastu Consultancy

Vaastu Consultancy Vaastu Shastra elaborates the basic sense of designing the architecture...

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Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology Medical Astrology helps to diagnose from signs, houses and planets....

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गुण ही नहीं ग्रह भी मिलायें !

32 गुण मिलाकर भी तलाक होते देखा होगा आपने | इसलिए यदि आप online गुण मिलान के भरोसे या अच्छे से अच्छे पंडित जी से भी गण मिलान...

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हमेशा रुपये-पैसे की तंगी रहती है तो हो सकता है ये दोष-

बहुत बार ऐसा होता है कि घर मे सभी के कमाने...

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If you are in search of new job or you are not satisfied with the current job for whatever reasons. You...

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Child Education

Every child has its own ability & capability. If you as a parent become aware of child’s birth...

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